Transforming Lives - Building Self Worth And Self Esteem

 Learn The Art Of "Healthy Selfishness"

Building self worth and self esteem. Everything you’ve experienced, everything that’s happened, good and bad, has made you the woman you are, and whether you know it now: you are amazing. I’m going to help you see that and live that.

This is a place for hope. This is a place for action. It’s not enough to understand the problem, what’s important to begin to take the first steps towards solving it.

The journey begins here and now…and the journey begins with you.

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We cling to what we know, even when it is harmful and hurtful.

I will be your truth mirror. In a world where people may want things from you, tell you half-truths or outright lies, I will show you the way and the reality. In everything you feel, and everything you think: you are not the only one.

We all have our times of craziness. We all have moments we wish we could go back and erase. We all have our places of denial, places we want to bury or leave untouched.

BUT, I will help you understand who you are and who you were meant to be.

I am an expert in relationship issues, substance abuse issues, career choices, loneliness, parenting (and it is difficult to raise happy children, when we, ourselves, are not happy), erasing childhood abuse, living with special needs children (and, in my opinion: all children are special with special needs) those newly single and anyone who believes their life can be fuller and better.

Ask Yourself:

  • What is the daily pain you endure?
  • Who in your life is causing you grief?
  • How often do you disappoint yourself?
  • What do you wish for?
  • Does anyone encourage you to "go for it?"
  • What dreams did you put away, expecting to get back to them, but haven't.

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(365 Creative Things to Do With Kids)

SAMSARA: A Buddhist belief about being born and reborn in various realms in the form of a human, animal, or other being.

Diane is a very ordinary woman. So ordinary that she seems like any other woman of fifty-something living in Forest Hills, NY. One night she wakes from sleep, walks into her bathroom, but on the way slams into a wall. She reaches for the light, enters the bathroom and realizes that it is not her bathroom. She discovers that she is now a woman named Bonnie and it is the 1940s. She does not stay Bonnie, however. She is also a princess in Italy, a street whore in Chicago and various other beings, not all of them human. The explanation, and there is one, is believable and a scientific possibility, if not probability.
This is adventure, romance, philosophy with a big dose of "what if?"


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