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Why we blame ourselves for staying

So, I saw this in a book called Frozen Moment, the author is a mystery writer Camilla Cedar. a Swedish novelish. I so related: The main character is in a loveless marriage. Her husband "comes and goes" and obviously has "things on the side." She tells her friends and then...

Afterwards she was embarrassed, not because she had… Continue reading

If you missed this blog:

Some readers may have missed this blog. I think it is important enough to repost: 

   What is it you want and are you willing to pay the price - John Hart. 

                                            What is a… Continue reading


There was an article recently in People Magazine about two teenage girls who lived in a wealthy California suburb. One evening, one of the girls killed the other. The girl who was killed was an honor student, a fine athlete, the gracious daughter of a wealthy family, a cheerleader and a member of “the exclusive Bob-O-Links Club.”

The girl who… Continue reading

The One After The Divorce – This Time

A special word of advice: The first breakup after a divorce is extremely difficult.

We harbor a fantasy, I believe, or at least most of us do, that we have learned a lot in our marriage or long-term relationship. That it would all be so wonderful if only we were married to the right man, the nice man, the appreciative,… Continue reading

What is a Relationship Worth?

What is it you want and are you willing to pay the price - John Hart.

For many women the need for a partner, the desire for peace at home, has us abandoning our true needs and our true selves. We would laugh at shows that were not funny. We would put up with people who we found despicable. We… Continue reading

Don’t Get Depressed

Not getting depressed when things don’t go your way. You want that job - SO BAD. It is perfect for you. They hire someone else. You give your heart to that drop-dead gorgeous Greek god and it turns out he can’t marry you because he has to marry someone who’s Greek. You put a bid on a house you feel… Continue reading

Deal Breakers!

When I was a kid, I was never frightened by horror movies. They seemed silly; I could never suspend my disbelief. When I was about sixteen, however, one of the New York theaters that specialized in showing “oldies” had a series of old scary movies and for the first time in my life, I found myself frightened, really horrified in… Continue reading