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The “Broken” Ones

The women I love and respect, the women who have something to teach and that I learn from, the women who I admire and bond with are never the little butterflies who seem to have been handed life on a platter...who are lucky enough to have one marriage, to have more than enough money and to have children with, seemingly no issues...the superwomen, the ones who have been through the fire, who have struggled with poverty, raising children as single moms, working two jobs to pay for school, those are the ones who to me exemplify WOMEN. There are women whose children are struggling with addictions or dealing with autism or cystic fibrosis. I know a woman who gave up everything to take her son who was diagnosed with cancer to the best treatment facility she could find: she saved his life. I see beautiful women who were physically abused, or abandoned for a "newer model." I know women who were brave enough to raise the baby alone. I have heard that if a butterfly is helped from the cocoon and does not have to use its own muscles to get out, it will never fly. I have always thought that this was a great metaphor for women. Do not tell me you have something to be show me or teach me if you have not been there. The greatest women have fought the struggle and won. This statement about the gold is true for every woman who has not just survived, but thrived. Those women who have earned their calluses the hard way, those are the women who are my teachers and mentors.

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