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Say Something

Giorgina Liguori


She sat across from him, trying to read his expression, trying to find something in the eyes, in the tilt of his head, something that said he was sad or angry.

He asked, “ What time is the plane?”


He smiled and turned his attention to the skyline out the window. Dusk was setting… Continue reading

It’s weird what makes us hurt…

     So, a few years ago, I met a gorgeous woman in New York. She was not just beautiful, but very successful (she designed one of the HBO logos and about half the logos for the best NY restaurants) and she was NICE. Funny, smart, honest and nice. At first I was a bit intimidated; she was… Continue reading

The “Broken” Ones

The women I love and respect, the women who have something to teach and that I learn from, the women who I admire and bond with are never the little butterflies who seem to have been handed life on a platter...who are lucky enough to have one marriage, to have more than enough money and to have children with, seemingly… Continue reading


You are probably not familiar with this word IMPERTURBABILITY, but it is so important in our quest and desire for peace and happiness. A friend, Beverly, was telling me about a course she believes in called The Release Method. I am not here to sell it or even promote it. I don't know if it works or not. What I… Continue reading

Questions For Parents

Every parent wants what is best for his or her child. Sometimes, however, what is best for the child is having a parent who is not afraid to be firm and strong.

It is not that I do not understand that, often, this "parenting thing" is difficult. Been there and done that. I usually tell nervous parents sitting across from… Continue reading

Hurt People, Hurt People

There have been a lot of posts recently on Facebook, on WPN and on other pages about people "stabbing you in the back" or saying hurtful and mean things about you or to you. It is ironic, that in the last two weeks this has happened to me twice. Once from a woman I know at work and one from… Continue reading

How to Build Self Worth and Self Esteem

Head shot of Giorgina Liguori, Expert on Self Worth and Healthy Selfishness, Explaining the means of Achieving Self Worth and Self Esteem. How to Build Self Worth and Self Esteem? Sometimes it means undoing. Sometimes building self worth and self esteem means tearing down the structures that others have built for us and around us. 

What is self esteem? Our lives are our stories. Our lives are also the stories of others. Our self image, the self esteem and self worth… Continue reading

Depression Is Not Always a Bad Thing

     Do you get depressed when things don’t go your way? You want that job - SO BAD. It is perfect for you. They hire someone else. You give your heart to that drop-dead gorgeous Greek god and it turns out he can’t marry you because he has to marry someone who’s Greek. You put a bid… Continue reading

Activities Keep You Young and Vital

                        Interests and Activities - it isn't just muscles that atrophy.

    I told a friend once that the only human emotion that I cannot respond to or identify with is boredom. I mean I… Continue reading

Wishful thinking

                                                      Wishful Thinking
   … Continue reading