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This is a place for teens and tweens. This is a place without judgments or arguments. This is a place for you to talk, complain, question, and allow your thoughts and feelings to flow.

This is not a place your mother picked for you. This is not a place where we try to change you or “fix” you. This is a place to work out things and get happier. It really is that simple.

Once upon a time, not very long ago, actually, schools had counselors. Real counselors, who would listen to the students, give advice, be a shoulder to cry on or just listen if you had to vent. Sadly, most schools no longer allow counselors to counsel. This is not a joke. They are so worried about lawsuits; yes, not getting sued has become more important than the students. I know that does not shock you.

When I worked in NY as a counselor, I did counseling for drugs, alcohol, sex, pregnancies, problems with parents (many times the parents had more problems than the kids) and I know that does not shock you either. While I promise to keep your secrets, the fact that this up on the Internet, I suggest you use a pseudonym (make up a name for yourself; pick a name you’ve always liked or wished you’d been named, or pick something funny or weird, whatever you wish.)

Sometimes you will find a word of the day, a thought for the day, an idea to contemplate. Other times, it will be freeform – just letting you write what you wish or want.

So, here is the first thought for the week:

Do you ever look across the dinner table and wonder: How could the stork have been so wrong? What am I doing here? Which one is the alien, me or them? I did that at 12. And when I got older and made most of my still-friends, friends, they all had felt that. So, you are not alone at all. That is the theme here: you are not alone. Join like-minded people and find a home here.

Do check the calendar to see if there is a group you’d like to join in your area. The groups are totally confidential and you will feel safe and at home there. Besides, we have a lot of fun at these group sessions.

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