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Find Out How "Healthy Selfishness" Will Help YOU and Your Loved Ones


Testimonials From People Who Work With Giorgina Liguori

You'll find here testimonials from people who have gained self esteem and self worth by working with Giorgina Liguori. Enjoy!

head shot Orit Murad Rehany, giving a testimonial for Giorgina Liguori


"I was still in a dreamland from Kellie Kuecha event, woke up late, and had to go out to another amazing event hosted by Giorgina Liguori, at Total Wine in Plantation. I enjoyed the event a lot.

Giorgina is an amazing woman, deep thinker, has a lot to offer to all of us. I loved, for the first time, sharing my experiences as a child and teen. Thank you, Giorgina."
Orit Murad Rehany, The Fearless Leader

heat shot Jill Kaplan, participant in Giorgina Liguori's workshop about building self worth



"I had a very interesting, enlightening, and inspiring, workshop for women today led by my colleague and friend, Giorgina Liguori.

Thank you for being so wonderful and for being YOU." Jill Kaplan

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